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After many years in business, we've had the honor of supporting a diverse range of customers, across many different industries. We understand that every industry has very specific IT needs. We relish the opportunity to be your trusted technology advisor..


“I have used the services of Half Past Five for ten years. One of the best things about Dillon and his service is the quick service, and willingness to help us with the little issues or the major issues we do to ourselves. He also is excellent with advise on computers, printers ect when the time arises to replace or upgrade them. I strongly recommend his service to everyone!”
Dr. Kevin Paape, Healing Arts Chiropractic

“we have been dealing with Half Past Five for 4 years now and have had nothing but good experiences throughout. Dillon has been our main contact over the years and he is here whenever we need him. We have had a couple of situations with our computers that have basically shut down operations immediately and one quick phone call and Dillon was doing whatever he could to get us up and running. There have been numerous situations where he has dropped everything he was doing to help us out, whether it be physically coming up to our fertilizer plant in Hillsboro, ND or hooking up to our computer and fixing it remotely. I definitely recommend anyone who asks about IT support to check out Half Past Five because of the speed of service, not to mention the cost of the service they provide is hard to beat. Half Past Five is customer centric which is the best quality a business can have. Thanks for all you do! ”
Chuck Moen, Manager, Alton Agronomy
"I don't know how we could've opened this office on time without your help! By offering your services on weekday evenings and weekends, you make it convenient and possible for small businesses to be efficient. IT is not a skill of mine (as you could clearly see!!), and I appreciate being able to put everything in your hands and know that it is taken care of. From start to finish, both you and your technician, Nick, were great to work with as well as professional. Throughout your service, you continually asked if there was anything else we needed, or if you could be of help in any other way. Customer for life over here. :)
Sara Mehrer, Financial Representative, Country Financial
Dillon with Half Past Five has provided outstanding service to Bratney companies for over two years and began this service by being able to cable our new office in Fargo while other vendors were unable. This led to a successful and on time opening of our new branch and I know all the employees appreciated Dillon being there when it counts. When I first came aboard at Bratney there were certain areas that I was not as well versed in and Dillon always had the answers or was able to bounce ideas around to end up at the most positive outcome. By doing so Dillon has helped Bratney save $23,000 a year! On top of this, Dillon has been my go-to guy for other projects such as critical service monitoring, Windows and 3rd party patch management, and next-gen anti-virus. Day or night if Dillon saw something out of the ordinary or if I was working late on a project Dillon was always there to offer any help he could. In short, if you are looking for valuable and knowledgeable IT resource, Dillon is your guy.
Evan Landis, Systems Administrator, Bratney Companies
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