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security Cameras 

Our business surveillance camera systems allow managers to monitor their operations from anywhere. The advanced AI features automatically detect & deter intruders, transmits important alerts, reduces inventory shrinkage, increases productivity, reduces liability, monitors quality control processes, secures assets and saves your hard-earned profits.


Data Cable  


Cat 6A data cable represents the pinnacle of wired network infrastructure, boasting unparalleled performance and bandwidth capabilities. Designed to support high-speed data transmission up to 10 Gigabits per second over longer distances, Cat 6A cables ensure seamless connectivity for demanding applications in modern environments. With superior shielding and reduced crosstalk, Cat 6A cables provide reliable communication pathways, empowering businesses to optimize their network performance and efficiency



Phishing Protection

We provide a AI-powered, collaborative email security solution that blocks sophisticated ransomware, phishing, and spear phishing attacks. Integrated with Microsoft 365 via API, it augments Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender for Office 365 with an added layer of email protection backed by patented AI technologies.


Endpoint Protection

Our 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) platform combines network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security to rapidly detect and neutralize lateral movement in its earliest stages

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